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Plastering AAC Panel

Plastering AAC Panel

Not only do we plaster over AAC panel but we also install it. AAC panel has been the preferred system since the earthquakes in the Christchurch region. It has been around for much longer however, but it has taken over the Christchurch market due to its strength and insulation. All top housing companies across New Zealand are using more and more of this product because of its benefits. Some AAC panel providers offer a 20 year manufacturers warranty to give clients piece of mind.
The standard plastering over the traditional AAC panel is a three coat system with fibreglass mesh embedded into the first coat. There are various finishes and brands available to be applied over this.


  1. leslie wait


    I’m considering moving a relocatable home onto a section we have in Brydwr, Christchurch. The bricks will be stripped from the house and therefore the house will need to be reclad on relocation.

    I would be appreciative is you could give a me a very rough estimate or range perhaps per m2 for recladding a 100m2 (floor area), approximately 100m2 of exterior wall area (after windows). I have had the ACC panels recommended and would be keen to have them installed andthen I would also want them finished and painted.

    Kind regards
    Leslie Wait

    1. Hi Lesley. Thank you for you message.
      The m2 rate we charge to supply, fit, plaster and paint is about $180m2. For about 100m2 floor plan you would probably be around $14k roughly. I’m more than happy to take a look at anytime that suits free of charge. Feel free to contact me with anymore questions. 0278400033, regards, tyson

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